This month, the National FASD Collaborative Project plans to host three webinars in their year-long series.

Orchids Communications and Training Director Jackie Wille will give the first presentation, entitled “Job Coaching for Workers with FASD” (October 8, 12:00p.m.–1:00p.m.). Her presentation will cover common functional challenges and workplace issues that affect people with FASD, as well as useful tools and accommodations.

Next is “FASD: Thriving in the Classroom” (October 15, 1:00p.m.–3:00p.m.). Sr. Suzette Fischer will describe some common issues facing students with FASD and give practical strategies to support them.

Lastly, Deb Evensen will return to 8 Magic Keys in, “8 Magic Keys Revisited: What We’ve Learned and What’s Next…” (October 29, 2:00p.m.–3:30p.m.). Participants can share how they have used the 8 Magic Keys tool and voice thoughts for the Anniversary 8 Magic Keys project now in development.

You can register for these and other webinars here.

National FASD Collaborative Project webinars for October 2021. "Job Coaching for Workers with FASD" (October 8, 12:00p.m.–1:00p.m.); "FASD: Thriving in the Classroom" (October 15, 1:00p.m.–3:00p.m.); "8 Magic Keys Revisited: What We've Learned and What's Next..." (October 29, 2:00p.m.–3:30p.m.).

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