FASD Hope is a podcast covering FASD and the needs and triumphs of those who live with it, through the lens of parent advocates with over eighteen years’ lived experience. Each episode, host Natalie Vecchione talks with new guests every week about various topics related to FASD and other Brain Based Diagnoses in order to “bring awareness, information and inspiration to those whose lives have been touched by a Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.” In episode fifty-five, “A Big Brother Speaks/FASD Across America: A Conversation with Emmaus Holder“, Natalie sits down with Emmaus Holder, a sociology student at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, who is the oldest of five children, two of whom have FASD. Emmaus is planning a 4,000-mile bike trip across the continental United States, and will interview family members and caregivers of people with FASD, hoping to allow them to share their stories as well as gain a better understanding of how to support and help people with FASD. In part one of this episode, Emmaus and Natalie discuss his family and his personal experience helping to care for his brothers. In part two, Emmaus shares his hopes and plans for his journey.

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