A new study, May P.A. et al. (2020), was conducted by researchers associated with the Emory University School of Medicine’s Collaboration on FASD Prevalence (CoFASP) consortium. CoFASP is a medical research organization whose aim is to determine how prevalent FASD is in the United States by providing diagnostic services to four communities in California, North Carolina, and the Midwest. They do this by offering evaluation and diagnostic services to school-age children in the communities selected and logging how many children fit the criteria for FASD.

Out of the four CoFASP communities, the one referred to in this study has the lowest prevalence of FASD. Even with a comparatively low prevalence, FASD seems to be common. Nationally, prior research has indicated that FASD may affect anywhere between 1.1-5% of the population, which is 3 million to 16 million Americans, or 64,000 to 291,000 Wisconsinites.

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