Have you registered for the FASD Run yet?  Once you do, you will be mailed a shirt and a medallion and a running vest with your number on it.  You can do that HERE.
This is a virtual Run and the way it works is you keep track of your distance and your miles and then submit it.  You can run, walk, or roll.  You can do this any time between September 9-15  What makes it fun is when you get a group from your friends, family, neighbors, church, etc. to sign up and run together.  
WE ARE ORGANIZING A GROUP RUN (or walk) IN MADISON at 2 PM on SEPTEMBER 12.  Join us!!  We will meet at 2 PM in the parking lot at Olin Park Pavilion,1156 Olin-Turville Court, and travel together toward the Capitol on a bike/walking path along Lake Monona.   Map HERE.
Wear your RunFASD T shirts, or just come as you are.  Bring your friends and family.  This will be a great chance for us to meet each other and chat as we walk.  FUN guaranteed!  🙂    If you can’t make it on that date to Madison, organize your own event – large or small – in your community and take a photo and send it to us. 
If you’re planning on joining us, send us an email just so we can get an idea of how many will be there – it’s okay to come at the last minute. 
Hoping to see you in Madison on September 12!

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