Training and Information for Individuals with FASD


FASD-Informed Certificate

Spend 2 hours reading and viewing the resources on this page. Then take a short quiz and obtain your certificate. Coming soon!!



  • You have been told that you “have FASD” (or FAS, Partial FAS, ARND, Static Encephalopathy, or ND-PAE) and you don’t know what that means
  • You have been told you have FASD but you don’t know what to do about it
  • The world seems like a crazy place that you don’t fit into and you are tired of not meeting other people’s expectations
  • You find yourself trying to get assistance from people who don’t understand you and you don’t know how to tell them what you need them to do differently
  • You want to create a better life for yourself



Healthy Relationships, Sexuality, and Disability – Resource Guide – great tools for teach these concepts, for both children and adults.

Melt-Downs and Stress Reduction

My Life With An FASD

Videos – people with FASD talk about their experiences

Proof Alliance – Living on the Spectrum

The Body-Behaviour Connection: A first hand perspective about FASD by Myles Himmelreich.  Myles discusses living with a FASD. He provides a multidimensional, educational perspective.

Flying High With Broken Wings

Facebook page for individuals with an FASD and their caregivers

Service Dogs for people with an FASD


Adolescents and Adults with FASD

Self-Advocacy – ADVOCACY – “Telling Your Story to a Policy-maker”

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