Training and Information for Social Workers


Information Packet

The following links will create a brief informational packet of documents for you to print or download and give to a social services provider who has encountered or may encounter a child or adult with an FASD.


FASD-Informed Certificate

Spend 2 hours reading and viewing the resources on this page.  Then take a short quiz and obtain your certificate.   Coming soon!!



  • You are working with families going through child protection orders
  • You are working with families with foster and/or adopted children
  • You are working with individuals in the school system
  • You are working with individuals in the correctional system
  • The family and/or individual is struggling to follow program requirements or to succeed in treatment
  • You notice the “red flags” of possible FASD in parents or children, or both
  • You want to know how to screen and refer for FASD in adults and/or children



Many free webinars on FASD

Foster Care Workers

One hour and 15 minute required training for Minnesota Foster Care providers.

School Social Workers:

NASW 2017 Section Connection School Social Work

IDENTIFYING & SUPPORTING STUDENTS Affected by Prenatal Alcohol Exposure

As a school social worker, when was the last time you considered prenatal alcohol exposure when working with students who just don’t seem to “get it” and keep making the same mistakes over and over?

Working with Individual with FASD: What Social Workers need to know

Individuals with FASD and the Courts – What Social Workers Need to Know


  • School Social Workers
  • Correctional Social Workers
  • Child Welfare Social Workers
  • Mental Health and AODA Treatment Social Workers

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