Activities for Socialization and Leisure


The Issues

People with FASD are often:

  • Friendly and trusting
  • Unaware of safe or dangerous situations and people 
  • Vulnerable to being taken advantage of
  • Unaware of the abstract social expectations of others
  • Rude or inappropriate without knowing it
  • Unaware of the results or impact of their actions or words on others
  • Impulsive
  • Say whatever thought comes into their head in the moment without awareness of social expectations or impact on others
  • Confused by the questions others ask them, the way others react, and what others are expecting of them
  • Passionate about the things they enjoy
  • Generous and loyal
  • Fun loving – Unique, quirky, funny



  • Find organizations and activities in your area that match the interests of the person with FASD
  • Find a mentor to attend and perhaps introduce the person or to share an interest or activity with the person with FASD.  



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