Housing for Adults with FASD Workgroup

This is a workgroup sponsored by FASD Collaborative project and hosted by Orchids FASD Services of WI for the purposes of finding, supporting, and sharing information about accessible housing options and related supports for adults with FASD.  We will identify and discuss the issues and barriers people with FASD face as well as the supports needed for obtaining and maintaining suitable, stable, and affordable housing. We will focus on developing concrete solutions to these problems.


Individuals who have experience searching for, finding, or creating housing opportunities for special needs adults are welcome to join the group and should consider themselves professionals on this subject. FASD caregivers, self-advocates, residential staff, housing specialists, and housing rights advocates may be particularly interested in joining.  


Contact Jackie Wille at jwille@orchidsfasdservices.org to join or to ask questions about this SIG.  Please put FASD Housing Group in the subject line.


FASD Communities

Aloha Community Platteville
We have a beautiful, five-bedroom home that sits on four lush acres outside Platteville, Wisconsin. Our young adults can thrive in a structured, calm environment that combines the safety of 24-hour staff oversight with the coziness of a home – not an institution. Each resident will have her own bedroom with access to communal spaces where they can watch movies, play video games or just relax. Additionally, our expansive property allows for plenty of outdoor activities.

CONTACT: Gigi Davidson


Lifeguard Strategies For Supporting Adolescents and Adults Affected by FASD

Read the booklet at http://www.fasdnetwork.org/uploads/9/5/1/1/9511748/lifeguard_strategies.pdf.


Cognitive Adaptive Aids

Read “Cognitive Adaptation Training: Adaptive Aids for the Brain” by Allen Pittman and Natalie Maples.


Wisconsin Family Ties

Wisconsin Family Ties offers support to parents raising children with emotional and/or behavioral challenges. Learn about their services at https://www.wifamilyties.org. To get started with Wisconsin Family Ties, fill out a referral form at https://www.tfaforms.com/4925992.

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