Friday, January 27, 2017
12 to 4 PM (BYO lunch. Sharing and conversation starts at noon. Meeting will start at 1:00.)
Hawthorn Branch Library
2707 E Washington Ave, Madison

We will be developing projects for 2017 to move forward the vision we created in 2016. Come to create plans and join work groups on the following projects:

  1. WIFASD Peer Support Network – creating online and/or in-person peer support for caregivers and individuals with a known or suspected FASD.
  2. Developing webpages for Wisconsin Resources, Information, and Updates on FASD
  3. FASD Speakers Bureau – support and potential expansion
  4. Long Term Supports Functional Screen Modifications – eliminating inappropriate exclusion of people with FASD from long term supports
  5. Screening and Diagnosis – to identify ways to work with current providers of medical and mental health services to individuals with suspected FASD for more screening and referral for diagnosis
  6. Access to Services for Individuals with an FASD within our Schools, Communities and Prisons – these currently are very minimal or mostly non-existent.

WI FASD Coalition Vision Statement:
“Wisconsin is a place where: 1) we recognize and work to eliminate disabilities caused by consumption of alcohol during pregnancy and 2) people with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders and their caregivers and support teams are provided with necessary services, and are valued, included, and advocated for in the broader community.”

We will continue to revisit and refine our vision as we travel forward so that it unites us in a common purpose.

For more information, please contact Jackie Wille @

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